Adopted Trail

This trail is the Adopt-A-Trail of the Capitol City Mountain Goat four Wheel drive Club and is officially opened in early June and maintained by this club throughout the year. It’s starting point is just around the corner in the roadway that intersects at the Hell Hole Ranger Station near Hell Hole Reservoir. It is an In-and-Out trail, meaning that it can only be entered and exited from one location. This trail is rated between “6-7” on a difficulty scale of 1-to-10. And the four wheeler is cautioned that the most difficult points are on the way up and out of the canyon that the trail descends into.


The trail skirts the rim rock around the Hell Hole Reservoir and descends down to the point where the Rubicon River flows into the lake. This turn around point in the earlier part of the year is often quite small because of lake flooding. Later the entire headwaters area is exposed because of the lake dropping and acres of rocky sand is available for play.


There are several excellent camping places along the trail and a very scenic waterfall that only flows early in the year about half way down the trail. This trail is used by the Capitol City Mountain Goat club for it’s annual even called “The Grand Four Wheel Drive Excursion and Epicurean Extravaganza”. This event is put on the first week after labor Day every year. (See Extravaganza)

Overlooking Hell Hole Resevoir