Club History

Club Purpose: To be a nonprofit organization for the purpose of social education and recreational activities, to protect our natural resources and to encourage participation in conservation projects, to support the California Association of Four Wheel Drive Clubs Inc. And to enjoy family recreation.

Club History: Capital City Mountain Goats Four Wheel Drive Club was established on April 3, 1965 with five families. The founders are C.P.Texeira, Cliff Fredricks, Dick Mahinke, Russ Hutchinson and Jim Freeman.

1965 – CCMG Joined California association of 4wd clubs.

1966 – Served on committee for Sierra Trek.

1967 Served as chairman of a committee for Sierra Trek from 1967 until 2000. In between that time , the bar concept had been introduced to Sierra Trek in 1968 and dance concept in 1969.

1975 – The Club organized and property was leased in 1975 From M. Yost.

1977 – Held meetings in tent until laid foundation for Club House in May 1977.

Nov.1977 – Held First monthly meeting in club house..

1980 – Introduced Star Trek Concept to Sierra Trek in .

Served as chairman or Co chairman to Star Trek from Conception until present day.

1988 – Put on 1st annual event in Called capital City Mountain Goat 4wd excursion and epicurean extravaganza.