Tribute to Dana Holland

By Di Hutchens, CCMG Secretary (retired)

Dana joined the Capital City Mountain Goats in 2001. He always wore safety orange. Grease and grime didn’t matter … he showed up! He always attended meetings. Special Goat shirts were made for him in his signature Safety Orange!

And it’s not just that he joined in that year, he had been a Goat supporter for many, many years prior to that! He attended all the events and goings on that happened at the Goat Clubhouse long before he became a member.  He was a welcome presence.

Dana also was instrumental in starting the food aspect of the CCMG 4WD Safety clinics, let’s have hot dogs!! He brought out his fabulous grill and hot dogs and hamburgers, “this ones for you Gary Coleman”.  Hey, the fun didn’t stop there, later, he added French Fries, to every event, they were the best.  And became a requested item, “Dana please bring the French Fries.”

Dana also thought that CCMG should have a Chili Cookoff, after discussing with Mike Lenno, February 3, 2006 it was born.  CCMG started having a Chili Cookoff at Icehouse Resort. It was held with rain, snow or sun, Dana was instrumental in making sure the parking lot was plowed and the Inn was warm. Breakfast and drinks were great. He and Darlene trudged through the snow and slush with tray in hand to bring offerings to the judges.  He reported with joy in the glow of the fire of the lodge to announce the winners. He was our winner.

Dana - Search and Rescue

Dana was instrumental with the security aspect of our Extravaganza.  He kept watch and we appreciated that on our personal level, he also oversaw the Sierra Trek security which gave an opportunity for our club members to participate.

Hangtown was also managed by Dana, the camping area, the potluck Tri-tip he cooked, the positions for all the clubs.  Security, the pits, the gates, the shirts. He held a position at the table to make sure we all got our money.  He stood his ground and recently even in the hospital held to account that we should get our last money.

As our 2nd VP since 2007 Dana kept us informed and made our votes count. His knowledge of the ins and outs of the Association was so valuable to us as a club and as our member of the Cal Four Wheel Association.   

He called me Di Di (sounds like Die Die) nobody has ever done that!! Dana my friend, my 2nd VP for so many years.  I personally will always miss you.  Wish I could prank you right now!! 

Love, Didi.

CCMG Secretary – Di Hutchens

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